Hosting A Party, Do I Need To Tell My Insurer?

Different home insurers in San Antonio, TX will have different rules on when you’re supposed to inform them that you’re having a party, but as long as you follow the maximum occupancy and the fire code, you’ll have a hard time finding an insurer that simply doesn’t allow you to host a party or an insurer who lays down special stipulations for you to follow.

If you’re not sure where your insurer stands on the matter, you could read your policy back to front, or you could just go ahead and give them a call anyway.

The truth is that your insurer generally has your best interests in mind. If something goes wrong, they have to pay for it, so all they really want to do is help you to stay safe, and you’ll find that honesty is the best policy when dealing with your insurer.

If something goes wrong at your party and you need to file a claim, the worst that can happen if your insurer knows about it is, assuming those damages are not listed as an exclusion, anything. If you’re covered you’re covered. But if you were supposed to tell them you were hosting sixteen, twenty people for the Superbowl, and you neglected to inform your insurer, you might wind up having your claim denied.

This is usually the case. If the line seems blurry, you’ll always be happier you told your insurer.

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