Workers Compensation Myths Texas Business Owners Should Be Aware Of While Researching Policies

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Workers Compensation Myths

The San Antonio, TX economy depends on the success of local businesses. If you own a business in the community, commercial insurance allows you to protect your investment. The policy covers your business if your property or equipment is damaged or stolen. The policy also covers your business against potential liability disputes. An important part of commercial insurance policies is worker’s compensation benefits. Worker’s compensation protects both your business and your employees if an issue arises. While you research worker’s compensation, avoid some of these common myths.

Coverage Isn’t Necessary Because There’s A Low Risk Of Injury

Even professions that have a relatively low injury risk aren’t completely accident-free. Regardless of the job that your employees do, there is still a chance that someone might get hurt one day or develop an illness. Worker’s compensation provides your business with a safety net.

I Operate A Small Business So I’m Not Eligible For Coverage

This is incorrect. Even small businesses have to plan for unexpected risks. While you may not have a lot of employees, worker’s compensation is still an asset because you could potentially suffer devastating losses if one of your employees is injured and you don’t have protection.

Your Employees Are Covered If They Get Injured Offsite

This is incorrect. Worker’s compensation only covers injuries sustained in the workplace. If one of your employees gets injured at home and makes the condition worse by coming to work, they are not protected. However, if they slipped and fell while walking to the restroom on their lunch break, worker’s compensation does protect them.

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