Types of commercial insurance

As a business leader in San Antonio, TX, you already know that commercial insurance is an essential cover for your organization. The problem comes when you have to choose the different types of commercial insurance policies. LeapFrog Insurance presents to you the different types of commercial insurance for quick and easy decision-making. 

Commercial Property Insurance

Property insurance coverage is one of the most common types of commercial insurance. This policy covers the entire building and the contents inside the structure. In case your business suffers theft, damages, and possible natural catastrophes, property insurance will be deemed essential and will help in compensation. 

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is structured to cover possible liabilities that are likely to emerge in your everyday operations due to acts of commission or omission. If a client suffers some injuries on your business premises due to negligence, general liability will cover medical and legal fees. 

Business Interruption Insurance

There are very many natural or human-made factors that can easily lead to business interruptions in your company, which means you will be experiencing losses while there’s downtime. Some of these factors include hacking accidents, problems with electricity connections, and significant storms. Business interruption insurance will help you to recoup the money you would have made while in downtime. 

Workers’ Compensation

Workers are likely to get injuries while in your organization. Without worker’s compensation insurance, your business could suffer the loss of money in medical expenses. Having workers’ compensation insurance is an absolute necessity for your entity because it can help you avoid punitive damages and associated lawsuits. 

Now that you understand the different types of commercial insurance policies and what they cover, it is time to get your San Antonio, TX business a commercial insurance policy. LeapFrog Insurance will help you in getting the best policy possible that will meet your business needs.