Is Commercial Insurance Mandatory In Texas?

Did you know Texas is the only state that doesn’t require small businesses to buy workers’ compensation insurance? While only commercial auto insurance is mandatory in Texas, business owners in San Antonio, TX, should consider various types of commercial insurance to cushion their businesses against a variety of perils. 

If you are unsure of the amount and type of commercial insurance coverage apt for your business, contacting a knowledgeable insurance agent can assist you in accessing your risk level and determine commercial insurance suitable for your business. Not sure which insurance agent to partner with? You can trust LeapFrog Insurance for all your commercial insurance solutions.

Commercial insurance coverage options in Texas

Business insurance isn’t just one form of coverage, but several lines of coverages bundled into a policy to meet your business needs. Some business insurance options to consider include: 

  • Workers’ comp insurance: Though the state of Texas doesn’t demand carrying workers compensation insurance, it’s still a crucial option for many business owners as it reimburses medical expenses and partially missed wages emanating from injuries or illnesses at the workplace.
  • General liability coverage: It covers medical costs and potential legal fees arising from a person who is injured on your business premises.
  • Property insurance: It safeguards your building and its content from risks such as fire, lightning, vandalism, hurricanes, hail, and theft.
  • Cyber insurance: Cover your business against malicious online activities (hacking).
  • Business interruption insurance: This coverage cushions your business venture against losses incurred during its closure after a covered peril struck and disrupted your business operations. 

Commercial insurance in San Antonio, TX

Are you looking for a salient commercial insurance policy to protect you, your employees and your business? Worry no more because you have a helper who will walk with you on your insurance journey. Call or visit us at LeapFrog Insurance for advice and to purchase an affordable business insurance policy.