Will flood insurance protect my Texas home?

Owning a home in the San Antonio, TX area is a great idea for many people. Those that are property owners will enjoy building personal equity and having a stable place to live. If you purchase a home here, having the right insurance in place is very important. A form of coverage that all people need to consider getting here is flood insurance. This coverage should be considered a necessity for some property owners for several reasons.

Protection for Home

One of the most important reasons to get a flood insurance plan in Texas is so you can protect your home. Anyone that owns a home needs to ensure they have all the right coverage in place. As a standard home plan may not offer much coverage against flood risk, getting a full flood insurance plan can be a great option as it will provide this additional coverage. 


The primary reason people will continue to get flood insurance in this area of Texas is so they can stay in full compliance. Anyone that wants to take out a mortgage may be required to carry this insurance if their home is located in a flood zone. Even if your home is not in a flood zone when you buy it, the zone maps change, and you could be required by your lender to get it in the future. 

Property owners in San Antonio, TX should always consider their need to obtain flood insurance. Those that are looking into getting a flood insurance plan here should call LeapFrog Insurance. The professionals with LeapFrog Insurance can help you determine if your home is at risk of flood damage and if coverage should be a requirement. They can then help build you a plan that will keep you and your home fully covered.