Texas Commercial Insurance – Does Commercial Insurance Cover Assets Located Inside The Building?

Commercial Insurance may seem confusing to most people at first, is this just business insurance compared to other insurances?  Does this insurance just cover the property or does it cover assets inside the business?  The answer is a little more complicated than it seems.  You can find out more about commercial insurance in San Antonio, TX by contacting LeapFrog Insurance.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance is a type of insurance that does focus on businesses and the ensuing property that contains the business.  This type of insurance protects the business from disasters (fires, property damage, etc.) and liability events (someone gets hurt on the property, etc.) that could happen while the business is insured.  

Commercial Insurance also covers all assets inside the building from theft, fire, damage, and other issues.  “Acts of God” such as floods and earthquakes are typically not covered under this type of insurance unless it’s either specifically stipulated under the agreement or added to the policy as a rider.  

Property Coverage

Commercial Insurance also covers the property at large which includes the sidewalk in front of the business and the parking lot attached to it.  Commercial Insurance covers the business in case of a liability event such as someone slipping and falling outside of the business on their property.  There is a degree of liability assigned dependent on what safety measures are taken by the business.  For instance, if it snows and there is residual snow and ice in front of the business, the business has an obligation to remove this snow and ice within a reasonable amount of time.  If the business fails to remove it and someone slips and falls, the business could be liable for personal damages and medical bills which are covered under commercial insurance.

For Further Information

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