Why is Flood Insurance Separate from Homeowners?

Flood insurance is not a requirement under the law in San Antonio, TX. However, your lender may require you to purchase a policy. This is particularly true if they are government-backed. As defined by FEMA’s flood zone map, you will typically be responsible for obtaining flood insurance when your property is in a high-risk area. 

Flood insurance necessitates its own policy, and residents need to know that flood events are not covered by their standard homeowner’s insurance. This is because floods are often widespread and cause damage to multiple residences on a street, in a town, or even an entire region. In addition, the costs are devastating. Average premiums would go up were flooding to be included in homeowners’ indemnification, and this is why it is offered separately. 

Flooding can create havoc with only a few inches of standing water, necessitating dehumidifying with specialized equipment. You may also be dealing with hazardous materials floating in your home in the form of sewage or chemical runoff, especially if you live in a city. Typical homeowners insurance is not designed to deal with these contingencies. 

Your property may be subject to a process that includes applying anti-microbial materials to prevent the proliferation of deadly bacteria and mold. Your LeapFrog Insurance representative can go over the details of what specific things would be covered.

People who should consider flood insurance include those who live in flood plains by a river or creek, are prone to heavy spring showers that create wet weather streams, live near gullies or ditches that overflow during heavy rains, or whose homes are situated in low lying areas where rapidly thawing snow can accumulate, causing flooding. 

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