Startups Need to Invest in Commercial Insurance

For startups, owners need to focus their efforts on everything the business needs to grow and do well. Issues like staff, equipment and building inventory demand daily attention for the business to be successful. An important piece for startups to invest in is adequate commercial insurance. These are combinations of policies designed to protect different aspects of the business as it grows. Most plans are focused on three areas:  property, liability and workers compensation.  The property coverage addresses any physical structures, inventory, and equipment. Liability coverage is used to protect the business in the event someone is injured on the property or by one of their products due to negligence.  It also addresses cases of copyright infringement, libel, and slander.  Employees have workers compensation if they are injured on the job.  Corporate fleet vehicles will need commercial auto insurance. The team at LeapFrog Insurance work with business owners in the San Antonio, TX area to get the right coverage.

As the startup begins to mature, its commercial insurance needs will also change. This is why policies should be periodically reviewed. Specialized policies may also be needed if the business is a professional corporation such as a physician’s office. At LeapFrog Insurance, the agents will recommend the best coverage for your business.  By investing a little time with the agent, the startup you are nurturing will be protected from a variety of threats. A great place to start is by visiting their website for basic information. Next, call or come by the office to speak directly with an experienced agent. They will answer any questions and guide you to the policies you need.  Don’t wait until it’s too late, call or come by today to protect your growing startup.