What to Do After a Flood

Going back to your home after a flood can be devastating. During this emotionally trying time, it’s helpful to focus on a goal. As you go through your belongings to salvage what you can, protect your personal safety and take the opportunity to collect information for your insurance claim. A LeapFrog Insurance agent can answer questions you have regarding how to protect your San Antonio, TX home with flood insurance.

Take Pictures

Before removing water or making repairs, document any damage with photos and videos. Digital versions that can be transferred electronically are ideal. 

Call Your Insurance Company

It’s a good idea to store your insurance information in a ready-bag for emergencies, such as a flood. You’ll need to notify the insurer as soon as possible once it’s safe to enter your home.

Remember that the NFIP operates via private companies, so you contact your insurer as you would for any other claims. Work with your insurance representative to determine the cause and extent of the flood and what’s covered under your policy.

It’s important to advise your insurance representative what condition your home is in and to tell them what repairs you have to do right away. The company may give you specific instructions on whether to wait for an adjuster before making repairs.

Protect Your Health

Even clear water can contain sewage or chemicals. Wear protective gear, such as hip boots or waist-high waders, as well as rubber gloves, to go through your possessions. Throw out any food that came in contact with floodwater. FEMA recommends that you boil water until it’s been deemed safe by the local authorities.

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