How Does Your Auto Insurance Protect You in Texas?

The scope and dollar amount of protection your auto insurance provides depends on the types of coverage you opt for. In general, auto insurance can cover certain expenses for you or the other party to an accident, including vehicle repairs, court costs, towing, rental cars, and medical expenses.

Liability coverage, which is a necessity in Texas, pays varying dollar amounts for specified expenses to the other driver if you’re at fault in an accident. This type of the coverage pays for medical, funeral, car repair and vehicle replacement costs, up to certain dollar thresholds. This protects your personal finances from the devastation of paying thousands of dollars in someone else’s expenses.

Other types of coverage typical of auto insurance policies include collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and personal injury protection. Collision coverage covers the value of your vehicle if it is wrecked in an accident, while comprehensive covers repairs and damage to your vehicle in the cases of vandalism or theft.

Auto insurance protects your ability to earn a living and get around town so that your kids can go to school and you can get groceries from the store. It keeps you on the road and out of the financial poor house, if you’re in an accident, regardless if it is your fault or not. Given the population of Texas and the potential risks on the roadways, adequate auto insurance is a must.

For additional information about auto coverage and LeapFrog insurance in San Antonio, TX, please speak to a reputable agent today. There is no reason to drive unprotected or with inadequate insurance in a state as big as Texas.