Surprising Things Your Home Insurance May Cover

Homeowners insurance in San Antonio, TX is necessary to protect your home and other assets. You will see that it protects you from a wide variety of things, such as fires and vandalism, but there are also some surprising things it protects you from. An agent at LeapFrog Insurance can answer questions about what may or may not be covered in your policy.  

Patios and Sheds: Your policy not only protects your home, but it covers your entire property, which includes sheds, patios, and gazebos. Be sure to document these structures in your policy to ensure that they are covered.

Student Property: Your policy will cover every member of your household, including a student away at college. Students that live in an on-campus dormitory will have many of their personal belongings covered under their parent’s policy.

Tombstones: Grave markers are considered personal property and are covered under most policies. There is a limit on coverage, and if the tombstone is damaged by the cemetery’s landscaping equipment, then that is covered under their fund. Check the source of damage, but if it’s because of vandalism you can make a claim.

Anything You Travel With: No matter where your belongings go, they are covered. If your laptop is stolen while on vacation, you are covered. Remember that for pricey items it is a good idea to get a rider, so you have enough coverage.

Spoiled Food: If a big storm blows through and you lose power, the food in your refrigerator will have to be tossed. Many policies will cover the cost of replacing the food, but make sure you note the deductible.

Volcanoes: There are some disasters that aren’t covered, such as earthquakes, and even though this may not apply in San Antonio, TX, rest assured that even some unique natural disasters could be covered.

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