Can Commercial Insurance Help Your Online Business?

New online businesses spring up every day in San Antonio, TX. At LeapFrog Insurance, we feel it’s in your best interest to obtain a professional commercial insurance policy for your online business no matter how large or small your operations. Commercial insurance can only help your online business, and here’s how.

Your Online Business Comes With Risks

Every business comes with risks, and your online business is no exception. Even if your online business consists of nothing more than small-scale personal e-book sales, you create risk and take on liability, often in surprising ways. You may not even realize the number of risks your online business creates. Here are some examples:

  • Causing harm, mentally or physically to someone
  • Reneging on a promise of delivery, even accidentally
  • Claims that your service or product is damaging or defective
  • Claims of copyright or trademark infringement

Those are only a few of the potential risks your business can face. Many online businesses can fold completely from even one claim, even if the claim is fraudulent.

Commercial insurance can help mitigate the damage, in whole or part, such claims can do to you and your business. It’s important to have commercial insurance that can handle even the unforeseen risks.

Your Online Business Needs Protection

Your business depends on equipment and services that must work in order for your business to work. For example, you will rely on a server, other businesses to provide you the online connectivity you need, and cyber security. Hacking concerns and protecting client information are of the utmost importance.

Commercial insurance packages help to protect you, your business, and even your finances. With proper business insurance options, you can protect your business and business assets from downtime, repair costs, loss of income, loss of data, and various other things. In all these ways, commercial insurance can help.

You should consider commercial insurance in San Antonio, TX a necessity rather than just an option. To learn more about commercial insurance and what type of business insurance coverage is right for you, contact LeapFrog Insurance today.