Are there industries that don’t need commercial insurance?

The question of whether or not you need commercial insurance in your industry is less a yes or no proposition, and more of a what-and-when. If you’re a professional graphic designer, for instance, there is effectively zero overhead. At a certain point you may need to look into liability insurance to help protect you against a libel lawsuit should you work on a website that rubs someone with a lawyer the wrong way among other events. If you run a courier service, then you might not need to worry about worker’s compensation or similar policies, but you might need a policy in place to cover your customer’s cargo.

If you’re doing it as your primary means of income, then chances are you are going to need to at least give LeapFrog Insurance a call and see what your options are for getting commercial coverage. For a San Antonio, TX business owner, it’s worth noting that a commercial policy is less about covering you than it is about covering the business. The business owner is generally protected by their personal insurance policies, but the business itself may be at risk all the same, and this even includes individual self-employment businesses.

The question of whether you need commercial insurance comes down to whether or not there’s something there to protect. In some industries, you’re going to have higher overhead and more employees, while in others the entire business might be you and a laptop for the majority of your company’s lifespan. In any event, if you do have something worth protecting in San Antonio, TX, it’s not a bad idea to call LeapFrog Insurance and see what we have to offer you. Reach out to our agents to have your questions answered.