Three Myths About Home Insurance You Need to Know About

At LeapFrog Insurance, serving the greater San Antonio, TX region, we have seen how myths can affect people’s decision-making process regarding purchasing home insurance. These myths may make people believe that they have all the coverage they need when they may need more coverage or different types of insurance products.

Here are three myths about home insurance you need to know if you want to purchase a home insurance policy. 

Homeowners Insurance Covers Every Type of Natural Event

One of the biggest myths surrounding home insurance is that home insurance covers every type of natural event. In most cases, home insurance excludes many types of natural events, such as flooding caused by heavy rains, rivers flowing over their banks, or earthquakes. You need a separate policy or an add-on policy to cover these types of events. 

Homeowners Insurance Covers Everything Stored in a Home

Another common myth about home insurance is that everything in your home is covered by homeowners insurance. If you have expensive items, such as fine art, collectible coins, or jewelry, your pieces may exceed the policy limits of your home insurance policy, and you may need separate coverage for those items. 

Homeowners’ Insurance Covers Tenants or Renters

The final myth surrounding home insurance policies is that these types of policies cover tenants or renters. They do not. Your renters or tenants need a renters insurance policy. Your policy will not extend to any renters or tenants in your home, regardless of whether they are renting a room or the entire house. 

As you look to purchase home insurance, it is essential to fully understand what is covered and what is excluded in a policy. Here at LeapFrog Insurance, serving the greater San Antonio, TX, our knowledgeable insurance agents can work with you to help you fully understand insurance policies and any exclusions they may have, allowing you to find the best insurance policy for your specific needs. Call us today to start the process of finding the right insurance policy.