Is Recreational Insurance and RV Insurance The Same Type of Protection?

If you are looking for recreational insurance in the San Antonio, TX or surrounding areas, leap over to LeapFrog Insurance. There you will find the knowledgeable agents who can answer all of your questions about recreational insurance as well as all of the other types of insurance we carry to protect you, your family, your possessions, your business and your property. It all depends on what types of responsibilities you have. 

Recreational insurance includes protection for outdoor sporting activities or industries. People who are engaged in these industries such as guided snowmobile touring, ropes and challenge courses. climbing gyms, fishing guides and outfitters, canoe and kayak rental, bicycle touring and rentals, and general sports and recreation may be interested in purchasing this type of insurance. This type of insurance can protect the business owner as well as the enthusiast who participates in the aforementioned activities quite frequently. 

Having a working knowledge of the type of insurance you are in the market for is critical. Recreational insurance may connote recreational vehicle insurance to some. Recreational vehicles, RV’s require special insurance as well. Some refer to the specific type of insurance as Recreational Vehicle insurance or RV Insurance. This subhead of insurance includes ATV’s or all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, jet-ski’s, other than boat watercraft, etc. Be clear on where your liability and vulnerable areas lie in your situation before speaking with an agent.   

Insurance protection should always be discussed with a professional so that you are aware of how your protection works in your individual situation. If you are in the San Antonio, TX or surrounding areas, come into LeapFrog Insurance today to discuss your insurance needs. We are located at 5727 Farinon Dr. Ste A San Antonio, TX 78249. Contact our knowledgeable agents today.