Referral Incentive Program – SWBC Employees

SWBC Employees

Interested in free stuff?  Participate in our referral incentive program for a chance to win!

It’s EASY!  Here are a few details.

  • Simply use our Referral Page to submit referrals or have your friend call us and tell us how they heard about Leapfrog Insurance.
  • At the end of each quarter, we will hold a drawing to select our winner.
  • You’ll receive one drawing entry for each qualified referral that you’re credited for.
  • “Refer yourself” or give us a call and your quote will also qualify you for an entry into the drawing.
  • Only one qualified referral credit provided per quoted customer regardless of the number or type of products quoted.  A qualified referral is one that results in a quote provided by a Leapfrog Insurance Agent.

So what’s up for grabs for Q1 2017?  How about an Amazon Echo!


Employee Referral Program Disclosures:

  1. No purchase necessary.
  2. Referred person must be seeking an insurance quote for a state in which SWBC is licensed and appointed.
  3. Referring person must be an employee of SWBC or its affiliates at the time of referral.
  4. SWBC reserves the right to terminate eligibility at any time in its sole discretion.
  5. Your participation is subject to limitation as required pursuant to applicable law.

4 Reasons to Purchase Home Insurance Today

Purchasing a home insurance policy is a huge undertaking and one that should never be taken lightly. Especially for residents of San Antonio, TX, an area that is well known for things such as natural disasters, ensuring your home is protected at all times is vital. With that in mind, the following is an overview of four reasons to purchase home insurance today.

Natural Disaster Protection

As aforementioned, San Antonio, TX is well-known for its natural disasters. Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and more can all potentially strike without much notice. By purchasing a home insurance policy, you are ensuring that your home will remain protected even when it’s difficult to protect yourself.


In addition to that, purchasing a home insurance policy can also protect the equity in your home. Given the array of factors that can potentially negatively affect the equity of your home, purchasing a home insurance policy from a reputable company will ensure that your home maintains its value over time.


In addition to that, your mortgage lender likely requires you to maintain a home insurance policy in order to maintain your loan. Rather than waiting until your mortgage company forces you to purchase a policy, get ahead of the process and purchase one on your own.

Lawsuit Protection

Lastly, a home insurance policy can protect you against costly lawsuits. If someone becomes injured on your property, you can lean on your home insurance company rather than being left to endure the process alone.

Overall, for residents of Texas, LeapFrog Insurance is the way to go. A premier insurance agency, a highly-qualified LeapFrog Insurance agent can show you how to sign up today and save. Contact us today!