How Do I Protect My Business From a Lawsuit?

A lawsuit can destroy a small business. Even a small claim—$25,000 or less—can be expensive to defend and can lead to a cascade of other costs. Even if you win, the costs of defending yourself can be devastating.

LeapFrog Insurance wants to help San Antonio, TX businesses protect themselves from lawsuits. Please read on to learn more!

The Many Types Of Liability

Every business is exposed to different types of liability, from a sole proprietorship to a large corporation, during regular operations. These liabilities can include:

  • Product liability: If your business manufactures or sells a defective product.
  • Professional liability: If your business provides professional services, such as medical practices, legal advice, or engineering services.
  • General liability: If your business provides goods or services to the public, where there is a risk of injury or damage.

How Likely Are You To Be Sued?

We live in a litigious society. According to the Court Statistics Project, Texas currently leads the country in the number of civil lawsuits filed over 2021, with more than 1,000,000. With so many people ready to sue over anything, you need to be prepared.

How Business Insurance Helps

The right type of commercial insurance can help you protect your business when you need it most. Commercial insurance can help cover the costs associated with product liability, professional liability, and general liability. Additionally, it can help cover the costs associated with social cases such as slander or libel. Liability insurance can even help cover the settlements or judgments resulting from a lawsuit you lose. You need liability insurance to help your business stay in business.

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