Should you Upgrade Your Commercial Insurance as your Business Grows?

Many business owners in the San Antonio, TX area know that one of the first things they need to purchase for their business is commercial insurance. After all, protecting the asset that lets you grow your assets is simply good planning. There are times that it may be a good idea to upgrade your commercial insurance as well. LeapFrog Insurance can help you navigate the level of coverage your particular business needs at each and every stage of growth. 

Is a Commercial Insurance Upgrade Right at This Time?

There are a few things you should consider if you are unsure that your insurance coverage is enough for your business. 

  •  What are the risks?
    • Clearly, each cooperation has different levels of risk and do not need the same exact coverage to be safe. If you run an office, your risks will be different than a construction company. Each company needs a plan to carry its own unique needs when it comes to insurance. 
  • Do risks increase with a particular change?
    • Expanding may mean great things, but it can also bring increased risks. In some cases, if your expansion is in a new region you may have an increased risk due to new weather elements.
  • Does recent growth change your needs or responsibilities?
    • As a business owner and employer, you have a level of responsibility to each employee (and they to you). This means that as you hire more people to your business, your need for insurance may rise. 

LeapFrog Insurance serves customers in and around San Antonio, TX. We want you to be protected, no matter what life throws your way. We are here to answer any and all questions about your insurance needs and always offer an open door for visits.