Can A Defensive Driving Class Lower Your Rates In Texas?

You’ve probably read that a defensive driving course is a great way to keep your insurance rates low, and that’s true, but Texas is not one of the states where discounts for completion of such a course are mandatory. LeapFrog Insurance may be able to connect you to a provider that offers these discounts, but for San Antonio, TX drivers, this is a matter that is at the insurer’s discretion.

This does not mean that it’s not worth the effort, even if you haven’t signed your insurance forms yet. Insurance is a competitive market¬†and providers know that if they don’t offer the discounts that you want, somebody else will. The courses are usually pretty affordable¬†and shouldn’t take you more than six hours to complete. If you have a few dollars to spare and a free afternoon on the weekend, it’s more than worth the effort to look up the nearest defensive driving school.

The amount that you will save is not mandated by the government, but generally speaking, a driver who is under the age of twenty-five will save more on these discounts than an older driver. Past fifty-five and insurance providers will tend to assume that any improvements to your driving abilities offered by a defensive driving course will be marginal. Over time, the amount you save may still add up to be quite a pretty penny no matter your age, but younger drivers tend to get the biggest discounts out of the deal.

An added bonus is that you may have points totally stricken from your record, further reducing your rates. Shop around and see what LeapFrog Insurance has for you. Reach out to our agents in San Antonio, TX for any questions regarding any of your auto insurance needs.