Benefits of Life Insurance in Texas

Obtaining a life insurance policy is not required by law if you are a current resident in Texas. However, if you want to protect your family financially in the case of your death, working with an insurance agency such as LeapFrog Insurance is a way to get the best life insurance policy that works for you whether you live in Dallas, Austin, or even San Antonio, TX.

What Does a Life Insurance Policy from LeapFrog Insurance Cover?

Having a life insurance policy in your name helps to financially protect your family in the case of your death from burial costs, living expenses, medical bills you may owe, and even educational loans you have in your name after your death. In some cases, life insurance policies may still pay out while you are alive via accelerated benefits and cash assets (depending on the policy and insurance company you are working with). With "term insurance," "permanent insurance," and "universal insurance" life policies available, there is coverage for about any amount of coverage regardless of your current financial standing and ability to pay for your coverage. 

Benefits of Having a Life Insurance Policy in Your Name

Getting a life insurance policy in your name is a way to feel less stressed and worried about the financial future of your family when you are no longer around to provide or assist your household. Even if you currently have bills in your name, medical expenses, or loans to take care of, there are life insurance policies to cover most aspects of your life when you are no longer capable of doing so yourself. 

To learn about a life insurance policy that is right for you in San Antonio, TX, contact LeapFrog Insurance today for a quote and more information!