Does Classic Car Insurance Cover Specialty Parts?

Classic car insurance is a subset of typical auto insurance that was created to cater to the insurance needs of the classic car owner. These policies are customized to cover expensive parts, expensive cars, and difficult issues that are typical to only classic cars. For those that live in the San Antonio, TX area, the agents with LeapFrog Insurance can help you to get the policy that works for you.

Specialty parts are not uncommon in classic cars and as such, they are almost always covered on classic car policies. The key to making sure that your specialty parts are covered is to take the time to fully and completely list any parts that may need special coverage on your policy so that your agent can create a policy that is going to cover every part of your car. These policies are designed to make sure that they cover the car itself, any special parts that are going to be needed to repair or rebuild if it is destroyed, and any other special considerations.

Classic car policies are as unique as the cars that they cover and are going to be specific to each car. When you work with an agent to create your classic car policy you should take the time to list any special parts that are uncommon to the car, any special accessories that you might want to take more coverage on, and any modifications that affect the overall value of the car.

For those that live in the San Antonio, TX area, the agents with LeapFrog insurance can help you to get the policy that is going to work for you and that is going to fit the car that you have and any specialty parts that you may have added to the car.  

Can A Defensive Driving Class Lower Your Rates In Texas?

You’ve probably read that a defensive driving course is a great way to keep your insurance rates low, and that’s true, but Texas is not one of the states where discounts for completion of such a course are mandatory. LeapFrog Insurance may be able to connect you to a provider that offers these discounts, but for San Antonio, TX drivers, this is a matter that is at the insurer’s discretion.

This does not mean that it’s not worth the effort, even if you haven’t signed your insurance forms yet. Insurance is a competitive market and providers know that if they don’t offer the discounts that you want, somebody else will. The courses are usually pretty affordable and shouldn’t take you more than six hours to complete. If you have a few dollars to spare and a free afternoon on the weekend, it’s more than worth the effort to look up the nearest defensive driving school.

The amount that you will save is not mandated by the government, but generally speaking, a driver who is under the age of twenty-five will save more on these discounts than an older driver. Past fifty-five and insurance providers will tend to assume that any improvements to your driving abilities offered by a defensive driving course will be marginal. Over time, the amount you save may still add up to be quite a pretty penny no matter your age, but younger drivers tend to get the biggest discounts out of the deal.

An added bonus is that you may have points totally stricken from your record, further reducing your rates. Shop around and see what LeapFrog Insurance has for you. Reach out to our agents in San Antonio, TX for any questions regarding any of your auto insurance needs.

Protecting Your Car From Theft in San Antonio, TX

The agents of LeapFrog Insurance can offer their clients in San Antonio, TX professional tips on how to protect their vehicles from theft and other types of vandalism. Simple things you do can dramatically increase your level of protection. From knowing where to park to securing your vehicle with an alarm. Knowing the risks and how to reduce them will pay off handsomely in the long run. While each state is different in what types of discounts are allowed, individuals who go the extra mile when protecting their vehicle may receive a reduced premium.

Vehicle theft and break-ins are two of the most commonly reported claims aside from crashes and multi-car accidents. It is important to learn how to protect yourself and your vehicle from the different types of threats. Always set your car alarm if your car is equipped with one. Another helpful tip is to always park in a well-lit area. It is harder for a predator to hide if the vehicle is surrounded by light. Avoid parking on the street, if at all possible. Parking in a public lot with 24-hour surveillance will offer you the most protection.

If you live in the San Antonio, TX area and are interested in learning more about the many ways you can protect yourself and your vehicle from theft, contact the reputable agents at LeapFrog Insurance. We have the experience and the expertise that allows us to offer sound advice when it comes to vehicle theft. Talk to your insurance agent and discuss the options you have available to you. Make sure you are fully protected on all levels and take advantage of the advice they have to offer.

How Does Your Auto Insurance Protect You in Texas?

The scope and dollar amount of protection your auto insurance provides depends on the types of coverage you opt for. In general, auto insurance can cover certain expenses for you or the other party to an accident, including vehicle repairs, court costs, towing, rental cars, and medical expenses.

Liability coverage, which is a necessity in Texas, pays varying dollar amounts for specified expenses to the other driver if you’re at fault in an accident. This type of the coverage pays for medical, funeral, car repair and vehicle replacement costs, up to certain dollar thresholds. This protects your personal finances from the devastation of paying thousands of dollars in someone else’s expenses.

Other types of coverage typical of auto insurance policies include collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and personal injury protection. Collision coverage covers the value of your vehicle if it is wrecked in an accident, while comprehensive covers repairs and damage to your vehicle in the cases of vandalism or theft.

Auto insurance protects your ability to earn a living and get around town so that your kids can go to school and you can get groceries from the store. It keeps you on the road and out of the financial poor house, if you’re in an accident, regardless if it is your fault or not. Given the population of Texas and the potential risks on the roadways, adequate auto insurance is a must.

For additional information about auto coverage and LeapFrog insurance in San Antonio, TX, please speak to a reputable agent today. There is no reason to drive unprotected or with inadequate insurance in a state as big as Texas.