Over 40? You Can Still Get Life Insurance

You just had your 40th birthday party in San Antonio, TX and you don’t have a personalized life insurance policy. Thankfully, you can still find high-quality coverage from LeapFrog Insurance that will protect your family if you suddenly die.

You’re Never Too Old to Buy Life Insurance

You may assume that once you turn 40, you simply cannot buy a life insurance policy. That is simply not the case. Many insurance companies will typically write policies for people well into their 60s. At that point, it is harder to get a policy, so make sure that you buy one sooner rather than later to avoid higher costs and steeper premium payments for your coverage.

Consider Online Shopping to Improve Your Rates

Few people consider the benefits of shopping online for their life insurance policies. This option is often a great choice because you can find companies that you wouldn’t have expected or known about before your search. Just as importantly, you can typically find many deals that will provide you with specialized coverage at a discounted price.

Personalized Coverage is Wise

If you have a life insurance policy through work, you may think that you have all the coverage that you need. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. Most work-based life insurance policies aren’t that high-paying, which could leave your children and your spouse in a tough financial situation. Therefore, you should seriously consider buying a personal policy to expand your coverage options.

You Can Find a Great Policy

If you have tried to work with San Antonio, TX insurance companies or others in the area and simply cannot find the coverage that you want, stop your search with us at LeapFrog Insurance. We will work hard to identify the best life insurance policy for your needs.