Changes That Affect Home Insurance Needs

Change is inevitable. When it comes to home changes, it means you have to update your home insurance. One of the best ways to ensure that your home insurance is adequate is to talk to your insurance agent to spot gaps in your policy. For San Antonio, TX homeowners, most have made LeapFrog Insurance their preferred insurance agent because we always keep clients updated on home insurance needs. Today, we are looking at changes that mean you have to update your home insurance.

When you welcome a furry friend

Bringing a pet to your home is one of the most exciting in life. However, if your pet can bite, you need to update your home insurance. Why? A dangerous pet means that the risk of inflicting injuries to other people is high. As such, you need to increase the liability coverage of your policy to cover you when your pet misbehaves.

You have added jewelry

Inherited a diamond necklace from your grandma? Or perhaps you have an expensive engagement ring? Either way, you need to update your home insurance. Let’s explain the reason behind it. Your home insurance provides limited coverage to your jewelry. As such, you need a rider or endorsement to give maximum coverage to your high-priced assets.

Added a swimming pool

When the weather is hot and calm, floating in the backyard swimming pool might seem like the perfect way to crown your day. However, adding a swimming pool has insurance implications because it increases the risk of liability claims. If you have never considered umbrella insurance, it’s time to consider the thought now that you have a swimming pool.

Construction price changes

A spike in the local construction costs increases the replacement cost of your home. As such, don’t forget to buzz your insurance agent to update your policy.

Support when you need it

It can be confusing to decipher the changes that affect your home insurance policy. Luckily, if you are in San Antonio, TX, you can make LeapFrog Insurance your preferred insurance agent to help you navigate home insurance.