How to Care for Your Home in Texas’s Continuously Changing Weather

There is a saying here in Texas that basically says if you don’t like the weather, just give it a few minutes and it will change. This has been especially true this winter season where we’ve had rain, unseasonably high temperatures, and a good freeze all in the same week. We all know that these sudden weather changes can affect our health, but can they also impact our homes? At LeapFrog Insurance of San Antonio, TX, we believe the best way to be ready for the next change in weather is to be prepared.

Make Sure Your Home is Ready for Anything

The best way to be prepared is to make sure your home is ready for any type of weather. You may need to blast your heater one day and crank up the air conditioner the next. Have you changed the air filters and had your furnace inspected? Not only do we have to be prepared for blasts of both hot and cold, but rain and ice are also concerns throughout the winter. Keep your gutters clean and cleared of debris and leaves to prevent water damage inside your home.

 It is also a good idea to regularly keep up with the weather reports. Again, just because it is 70 degrees and sunny one day, there is no guarantee that it will be that way tomorrow. In fact, this past December, after a beautiful sunny day in San Antonio, TX, we had freezing temperatures.  Were your pipes wrapped and plants covered?

Regular Home Maintenance Prevents Troubles Later

At LeapFrog Insurance, we believe that regular home maintenance performed throughout the year can prevent trouble and disasters later. Your home will be ready for Texas weather, whatever that may be!