Do I need flood insurance in Texas?

Those that are in the San Antonio, TX area should always consider purchasing their own home. When you are a property owner here, you can enjoy a lot of long-term advantages. However, if you are a property owner here, you also need to make sure that you are protecting your most valuable asset. A great way this can be done is with flood insurance. There are a few reasons that you will need to have flood insurance in this area.

Coverage is Required Under Agreements

A reason that you may need to have a flood insurance plan in this part of Texas is that it is a requirement to do so. Any mortgage lender will run a search on your address to see if you are located within a flood zone. If it is determined that you are in a flood zone, your lender will want to know that you have insurance in place to protect your collateral. A great way this can be done is by requiring you to obtain a flood insurance plan.

Coverage Protects Your Asset

You should also get a flood insurance plan to make sure you are able to properly secure and protect your home. A bad flood can lead to very costly repairs for any property. As your home insurance plan may not cover these damages, getting flood protection should be a priority if you are concerned about flood risk.

If you want to buy a home in the San Antonio, TX area, you need to get proper insurance. Depending on your situation, this can mean getting flood insurance. The team with LeapFrog Insurance can help you assess your insurance needs and options. LeapFrog Insurance can then offer you the support needed to build a proper plan. 

What Flood Insurance Covers

If you live in a flood-prone area like San Antonio, TX, you should consider purchasing a flood insurance policy if you haven’t already.

Like most homeowners purchasing flood insurance for the first time, you’ll want to know what your flood insurance covers.

Luckily, you’ll find an experienced Leapfrog Insurance agent in San Antonio, TX, who will explain in depth what flood insurance policies cover.

Generally, flood insurance protects your home and the contents in your home.  

Coverage for Your Building Property

The coverage for your home includes the building structure and foundation of your house, central air conditioning and heating system, electrical and plumbing systems, detached garage, and water heaters. Other in-built installations such as cabinets and bookcases, permanent carpeting, and kitchen appliances are also covered.

Coverage for Personal Belongings

For the property in your home, your flood insurance policy will cover your furniture, electronics, portable appliances, clothing, detachable carpeting, freezers, and other valuable items like paintings.  

Note That

Coverage varies depending on your needs and your flood insurance company. You can purchase your policy from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or a private insurance company.

The NFIP usually has a maximum coverage limit for your building structure and personal property policies. Private insurance companies will offer you more inclusive policies with higher limits.

Let Leapfrog Insurance Agents Do the Legwork

Not every flood insurance policy out there is the best fit for your needs. The variance in policies means that you need to do extensive homework before you purchase one. Good thing you don’t have to do this alone because a Leapfrog Insurance agent in San Antonio, TX, will be at your service.

Call us today and let us help you purchase the most suitable flood insurance policy for your home and personal property.

Will flood insurance protect my Texas home?

Owning a home in the San Antonio, TX area is a great idea for many people. Those that are property owners will enjoy building personal equity and having a stable place to live. If you purchase a home here, having the right insurance in place is very important. A form of coverage that all people need to consider getting here is flood insurance. This coverage should be considered a necessity for some property owners for several reasons.

Protection for Home

One of the most important reasons to get a flood insurance plan in Texas is so you can protect your home. Anyone that owns a home needs to ensure they have all the right coverage in place. As a standard home plan may not offer much coverage against flood risk, getting a full flood insurance plan can be a great option as it will provide this additional coverage. 


The primary reason people will continue to get flood insurance in this area of Texas is so they can stay in full compliance. Anyone that wants to take out a mortgage may be required to carry this insurance if their home is located in a flood zone. Even if your home is not in a flood zone when you buy it, the zone maps change, and you could be required by your lender to get it in the future. 

Property owners in San Antonio, TX should always consider their need to obtain flood insurance. Those that are looking into getting a flood insurance plan here should call LeapFrog Insurance. The professionals with LeapFrog Insurance can help you determine if your home is at risk of flood damage and if coverage should be a requirement. They can then help build you a plan that will keep you and your home fully covered. 

Should I Get Flood Insurance if I Live in San Antonio, TX?

San Antonio, TX may not exactly be located on a major flood plain, but there are plenty of reasons to get flood insurance if you live in that area. For example, there are some fairly large lakes and other smaller bodies of water located close to the city and the area receives 30.66" of rain annually. That’s nothing to ignore!

Some residents say the actual rain totals in the San Antonio area average closer to 40 inches per year. 

Why Get Flood Insurance if I Have House Insurance

Some people decide that having house insurance is enough. They think that because their house insurance plan covers floods, why carry extra insurance for floods? The answer is easy: it’s not enough.

House insurance is important and covers all sorts of problems that can occur for your home. Some of the most common ones are listed below: 

  • Flood
  • Fire
  • Tornado or storms, hail damage
  • Theft or vandalism
  • Other acts of "God"

Unfortunately, the normal level of flood insurance included in a house insurance plan only covers a basic flood. Some only cover damages up to around $10,000. But a major flood that inundates homes and various other areas can damage structures so severely that it can cost $3,500 or more for just a few feet of damages!

Think about how housing insurance alone would fall short if your entire home was damaged and had to be rebuilt.

Your friends at LeapFrog Insurance cover the San Antonio, TX area and they urge people to look into adding specific flood insurance for that extra bit of protection when things get rougher than you expect. Because they usually do!

You can contact the professionals at LeapFrog Insurance anytime to discuss flood insurance or any other types of coverage you need. 

Is Flood Insurance Mandatory?

If it rains in San Antonio, TX, it can flood. Unfortunately, your typical home insurance doesn’t protect your home against floods. And if you think the federal government will come to your rescue, count yourself lucky if floods in your area are declared a national disaster. And when this is the case, you will be given a grant that you are required to pay back. 

Given these reasons, you require flood insurance from LeapFrog Insurance to protect your home or business when floods strike. 

Is flood insurance mandatory? 

While no law in Texas requires you to carry flood insurance, you may need this coverage if you buy your home through a mortgage. You see, your lender has a financial interest in your home until you pay off the outstanding liability. And just like you, they would like to protect their investment from risks like floods. 

But whether flood insurance is required or not, you need to invest in this coverage to lessen your financial burden when the unthinkable happens. 

What does flood insurance cover?

When you buy flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or private carriers, it covers both your dwelling and its contents. Flood insurance covers your building up to $250,000 and contents up to $100,000. However, you can increase these limits by purchasing flood insurance from private carriers. 

But I don’t live in a flood plain area?

Floods can strike anywhere. According to FEMA, about 20% of flood insurance claims come from residents living outside flood-risk areas. Since no one is safe from floods, you require flood insurance coverage to protect your home and for peace of mind. 

Buy flood insurance in San Antonio, TX

Since floods can cause unspeakable damage, it’s time to buy coverage from LeapFrog Insurance. Contact us today, and our agents will help you purchase an affordable flood insurance plan. 

How does commercial insurance work?

If you are a business owner in Texas, you need to seriously consider a commercial insurance policy. Commercial insurance comes in a variety of forms and policy types that can suit you and your business. With LeapFrog Insurance, headquartered in San Antonio, TX and servicing nine other states and Texas, we can help you find the right commercial insurance for you.

Commercial insurance can include many lines of coverage to keep you and your business running smoothly. Coverage options can protect you in a variety of ways and events. Commercial insurance can help you financially in workers’ compensation claims for injuries or illness sustained at work, and general liability coverage against legal and medical fees. But commercial insurance also can take the form of property insurance and business interruption insurance in the event of peril, damage, or disaster. Commercial coverage can also cover you and your business in the cyber realm against hacking and other malicious activities.

With all those options, it can be hard to find the right policy for you and your business. But here at LeapFrog Insurance, we are here to help you navigate those tricky waters. And we understand that time is money—we want to help you find the right policy so that you can get back to business as usual.

LeapFrog Insurance is here to help you take a leap into commercial insurance so that you, your employees, and your business can run efficiently and smoothly, even in the event of an emergency. Call or visit us at LeapFrog Insurance in San Antonio, TX, and servicing nine other states, to find out more about commercial insurance. Our agents are dedicated to finding the right policy for you and your business.

Is Commercial Insurance Mandatory In Texas?

Did you know Texas is the only state that doesn’t require small businesses to buy workers’ compensation insurance? While only commercial auto insurance is mandatory in Texas, business owners in San Antonio, TX, should consider various types of commercial insurance to cushion their businesses against a variety of perils. 

If you are unsure of the amount and type of commercial insurance coverage apt for your business, contacting a knowledgeable insurance agent can assist you in accessing your risk level and determine commercial insurance suitable for your business. Not sure which insurance agent to partner with? You can trust LeapFrog Insurance for all your commercial insurance solutions.

Commercial insurance coverage options in Texas

Business insurance isn’t just one form of coverage, but several lines of coverages bundled into a policy to meet your business needs. Some business insurance options to consider include: 

  • Workers’ comp insurance: Though the state of Texas doesn’t demand carrying workers compensation insurance, it’s still a crucial option for many business owners as it reimburses medical expenses and partially missed wages emanating from injuries or illnesses at the workplace.
  • General liability coverage: It covers medical costs and potential legal fees arising from a person who is injured on your business premises.
  • Property insurance: It safeguards your building and its content from risks such as fire, lightning, vandalism, hurricanes, hail, and theft.
  • Cyber insurance: Cover your business against malicious online activities (hacking).
  • Business interruption insurance: This coverage cushions your business venture against losses incurred during its closure after a covered peril struck and disrupted your business operations. 

Commercial insurance in San Antonio, TX

Are you looking for a salient commercial insurance policy to protect you, your employees and your business? Worry no more because you have a helper who will walk with you on your insurance journey. Call or visit us at LeapFrog Insurance for advice and to purchase an affordable business insurance policy.

Why should I get home insurance in San Antonio?

The San Antonio, TX area is one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the country. Along with this, there are great local amenities and a strong job market. This can make San Antonio a great place to buy a home and live. If you do buy a property here, you will want to make sure that you insure it properly. There continue to be many great reasons why you should get a home insurance plan here.

Insurance Protects Asset

A key reason why people should get home insurance here is that it can protect their assets. Anyone that is going to purchase a property in this area of Texas will be making a major investment. If you are going to purchase a property, you’ll want to know that it is covered. With a proper home insurance plan, you’re going to get the protection you need to mitigate the risk of damage due to fire, storm damage, vandalism, or other types of risks.

Comply with Insurance Requirements

You should also get a home insurance plan so you can stay in compliance with your insurance requirements. Most people that purchase a property will take out a mortgage and may also live within a home association. In either scenario, you will want to know that you have proper coverage and comply with insurance rules set forth. 

As you are looking for a home insurance plan in the San Antonio, TX area, it would be helpful to call the team at LeapFrog Insurance. If you do speak with LeapFrog Insurance you can learn more about your home insurance needs and options. Their personalized guidance will provide the support you need to choose a plan that is right for your situation and will properly protect your home. 

Types of commercial insurance

As a business leader in San Antonio, TX, you already know that commercial insurance is an essential cover for your organization. The problem comes when you have to choose the different types of commercial insurance policies. LeapFrog Insurance presents to you the different types of commercial insurance for quick and easy decision-making. 

Commercial Property Insurance

Property insurance coverage is one of the most common types of commercial insurance. This policy covers the entire building and the contents inside the structure. In case your business suffers theft, damages, and possible natural catastrophes, property insurance will be deemed essential and will help in compensation. 

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is structured to cover possible liabilities that are likely to emerge in your everyday operations due to acts of commission or omission. If a client suffers some injuries on your business premises due to negligence, general liability will cover medical and legal fees. 

Business Interruption Insurance

There are very many natural or human-made factors that can easily lead to business interruptions in your company, which means you will be experiencing losses while there’s downtime. Some of these factors include hacking accidents, problems with electricity connections, and significant storms. Business interruption insurance will help you to recoup the money you would have made while in downtime. 

Workers’ Compensation

Workers are likely to get injuries while in your organization. Without worker’s compensation insurance, your business could suffer the loss of money in medical expenses. Having workers’ compensation insurance is an absolute necessity for your entity because it can help you avoid punitive damages and associated lawsuits. 

Now that you understand the different types of commercial insurance policies and what they cover, it is time to get your San Antonio, TX business a commercial insurance policy. LeapFrog Insurance will help you in getting the best policy possible that will meet your business needs. 

How Life Insurance Protects Your Family

Protecting your family is very important, and if you’re the one who typically takes care of them they could end up in a bad spot if something happened to you. That’s where a good life insurance policy comes in. If you’re in the San Antonio, TX area, LeapFrog Insurance can help you find the policy that’s right for your needs. The size of your family, whether you’re the primary one who cares for the family, and other factors will all matter when choosing a policy. Our agents are ready to help you find what works for your needs.

If you pass away, your family would suddenly lose out on all you give to them. They might have trouble staying in the house they love or keeping the cars they’re used to driving. There could also be worries over children going to college and other matters. But with the right policy that protects your family in the event of your death, you don’t have to worry about those things anymore. It’s a great way to have peace of mind for everyone involved, including you. Then you can just enjoy time with your loved ones, and put your worries about the future aside.

Reach out to LeapFrog Insurance today, if you’re in the San Antonio, TX area and need a life insurance policy. No matter what questions you have about policy options, we can get you the answers you’re looking for. Then you can make an informed decision about the policy you’re considering, or whether a different one would be a better choice for your needs, plans, and goals. Having good coverage is essential for protecting your family both now and in the future. With a good policy, you’ll have fewer worries and can get back to living life.